January 30, 2011


Do you know FAMILY meaning?

I knocked against one foreign when walking, "Oh excuse me, I not become aware "He said "Excuse me also, i do not see relative" We very polite and mutual respect, we mutually wave while pass through, but in different home on the other hand the story, on how we serve beloved person, young and old,

Late afternoon, moment cooking eat night, my little son stand in kitchen quietly, when i turn i almost violate fall, I snarl, "Do not create chaos here, go away" He pass through, the heart shattered and frozen, i unconscious, how crude my words to him,

Is being I lie in bed listen to music, I heard gentle voice come murmur, "When with people unnamed, so polite and humble I am, But with beloved family member, often scolded and insulted", "I try to go to see in kitchen floor, i meet disorder flowers", "The flowers brought him for you, he pick his own, yellow, blue and violet", "He stand quiet so that become surprise to you, you never aware the tears that come visiting",

In this moment, I feel very small once, Tears I pour like water in well, quietly I go to his room, and kneel in bed, "Get up, my son, get up honey". "Is this flowers is quoted for me? He smile, " I found this flower at the back of house" my son said. " I picked it because it beautiful maternal, for surely you will like especially the violet one” my son said again. "Forgive mother, on mother attitude today, I should not snarl you like this, she said, "Oh, mother, that does not matter, I still love mom exceeding all. I whisper, "My child, mother also your love, and the flower like mother, especially the violet one,


Do you realize, if we die today, our place company have a job will easily get replacement, in just a couple of days? But family that we give up, would be feeling our loss lifelong. And aware, if we finish our time into work, exceeding our family, does it was one sound investment ?

So what meaning that implied?

Do you know meaning "FAMILY"?


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