January 22, 2011



We now enlivened by Allah, in Allah earth and in time that Allah determine. After that we will be returned, whether realised or not to one of two states immortal namely heaven or hell.

Now we running to destinations that ourselves choose - heaven or hell. Allah provide two means for us choose. Up to us to choose whether track to heaven or track to hell.

However, Allah already told us in Al-Quran, on how the pleasure life and bed of roses in heaven. Likewise explained how the suffering life and horrible experience in hell. Prophet Muhammad saw. Also strengthen more through the hadiths which still fresh read and heard to this day.

As creature that given mind's idea perfection, human can think effect and risk that would be accepted result from the action. Every something there is the causality. Allah include a person to heaven because in his life in this world, he choose a way to heaven. Likewise Allah include one to hell because in his life he deliberately chose the way to hell. Up to us want follow heaven step or hell step.

Choose and follow rout to heaven like those listed under:

· perform good deeds young days more

· Mutually help because Allah

· stay away self and family from adultery

· educate duty child religious

· setting up compulsory prayer and optional

· tahajjud amid night

· cry and be aware self through fear to ALLAH

· give alms, donate and give wakf quietly

· stick heart in mosques

· always learn religious affairs

· group prayer

· always been at religious study centre

· visit sick person

· accompanying body to the grave

· hold feast according to manner Islam

· pacify fight

· helping orphans and poor

· and matter other welfare

At the same time avoid hell step that listed under:

· do not teach religious matters child

· rich but stingy

· cheating

· take liquor, drug and that intoxicate

· hold vice ceremony

· commit adultery

· swindle orphan's property

· ease prayer

· does not produce zakat

· wishful thinking length and not want to repent

· leave prayer

· disloyal to parents

· do defamation

· despicable husband (free wife)

· despicable parents (free child)

· eat illegal wealth

· lying and lying

· use black magic

· jealous and sabotage

While we given chance by Allah to choose a way that decide our fate in future, come along together we mutually help set up amar makruf and nahi sinful that latterly already underfunctioning and have not been given priority more.

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