January 26, 2011

15 Things causing DISASTER

"For contemplation with. May we get benefits.

Ali bin Abi Thalib r.a, narrate from Rasulullah SAW that he decree that; “When my follower has made fifteen things, so sure disaster will be going down to them, namely:

1.When (Maghnam) property public or country only revolving among certain elite

2. When (asset) trust made as self share (ghanimah)

3. Zakat regarded as debt burden (traded)

4. (Will) husband dominated by wife's desire (Queen Control)

5. Child rebel the mother

6. But it fraternize (obey) with (will) the friend

7. The father (on the other hand) dismissed far

8. Vociferous and fuss inside a mosque (on world reason)

9. Which became chief a race is people that fasiq (evil and disloyal to Allah)

10. A person honoured because (want avoid) the evil

11. Liquor become normal drinks

12. Silk worn as clothes (class of men)

13. Artist's category (singer) exalted

14. While music become idol culture

15. This follower end generation curse (blame) first generation (friend and Ulama)

So at the time should they waiting red wind (radioactive and poisonous gas?) or earthquake, quick ground, change characteristic human (become animal) ..In hadis Abu Hurairah storied on this matter is additional as follows."and (Qazafan) shot, throwing (bomb?)and other signs who come successively like bead item that broken the thread and fall off rapid-fire one by one”.

(hadis Tirmizi)

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