January 21, 2011



Based on True Story.

Seen from his age already no longer young, age which already dusk in fact already approached night. Pak Suyatno, 58 years to the diurnal pack with treat his wife that ill. his wife also already old. They marry already more 32 years

They conferred 4 people child ..from here early attempt lunge, after his wife produce child to four . suddenly the foot paralysed and could not be moved. The case happened for two years.

Step on year to the three whole body become weak in fact felt boneless tongue already not afford reactivated.

Every day pak suyatno bathed, cleaning dirt, feed, and raise his wife on sleeping place. Before going to his workplace put his wife in front TV in order to his wife do not feel silence.

Even his wife could not speak, but he always look at his wife smile, and pak suyatno still feel gain due to workplace not really away from the house, until his day could return to home to feeding his wife eat. The evening he return bathed his wife, replace clothing, and after his sunset accompanied his wife watch tv while narrate anything that he experience diurnal.

Although his wife only able to watch (not afford to give response ), pak suyatno already enough easy furthermore he always tempt and joked with his wife every time towards sleep.

This routine carried out pak suyatno approximately 25 years. Patiently he treat his wife in fact while bringing up to their four sweetheart, now their children already adult stay the serotinus which still

One day to four children Pak suyatno gathered at rest home they while crane the mother. Because after marry they stay with respective families.

And pak suyatno still treat mother to the children, and that he want only one: all the child succeed.

With word that enough careful child that inaugural said : "Our Pak very much wish treat mother . Since we small we see father treat mother and do not have at all sigh out from father lip, in fact father not allow us taking care of mother."

Tearfully trickle the child extend the words .

"Already that our fourth time permit father marry yet , we sense mother also will give him. When slab will be enjoying father old age with sacrifice such . we already not to have the heart to do something see father like this. we would promise treat mother with ideally by change," the child's remark that
inaugural appeal. Pak Suyatno replying case that completely unexpected by the children.

"My children. . if lives at this world only for passion. perhaps father will be married more. but know with the existence of mother all of you by me. . that already more than enough. He had produce all of you."
Momentarily his throat blocked. "All of you which always I missing present in this world with a clean bill of health are treated by other people . what about your mother that still painful ?

Momentarily burst cry pack children Suyatno. They also see small droplet fall in the eye of eyelet other. Forlornly being stared him husband's eye that really love the.

Until finally Suyatno invitees by either private TV station in order to be invitation panel Spiritual Guidance after event dawn and master of ceremonies also address question to pak suyatno.

Why father can defend for 25 years treat wife which already unable do anything?

At that time Pak Suyatno also cry. Guest that present in studio that most womenfolk also not capable of arresting troubled.

There pak suyatno narrate..If human in the world this worship a love but he did not love because Allah then all will faded.

I choose my wife become accompanist live me . When he healthy she also patiently treat me. Love me with fully external heart and the inner self not with eyes solely. . and he shot me 4 people child that funny and carefully.

Now he ill sacrifice for me because Allah. And that was the test to me.

Healthy also undertermined I find the successor. . moreover he ill . Nightly I prostrate and cry and I complained to Allah above prayer mat, so that lighten my wife suffering.

And I am confident only to my place Allah report secret and all my difficulty..because HE very Listen to. .

Story that justified we follow.

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